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Several AWESOME mini games
With THOUSANDS of players
All accessible from A SINGLE SERVER!
A server reachable EVERY TIMES
A FLUID game without lags
Find your STATISTICS on the site
Train yourself to ride in RANKINGS
And become THE BEST!

PvP / Factions (1376 players)

Join a Faction, create your base, collect your resources... And destroy your enemies in amazing battles! learn more »

Rush (1405 players)

One Bed and many enemies! Attack them and destroy their bed! learn more »


Freebuild server, show your talent on a protected build area! learn more »

Survival (526 players)

One goal: SURVIVE! Gear up and fight to be the last survivor! learn more »


Capture the flag, attack the other team and steals its flag! learn more »

Infected / Zombie (259 players)

An horde of zombies attacks you! Will you survive or will you eaten?! learn more »

ShootCraft (218 players)

One click, one dead! That's the ShootCraft then aim good and fast! learn more »

PvP Box (413 players)

Fight in huge arenas without fear of losing your stuff because it is provided! learn more »

GunCraft (154 players)

A real FPS in Minecraft, as Counter Strike, Call of Duty or BattleField! learn more »